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We DO NOT have any other brands. Syncoria Incorporated is the ONLY brand used by Syncoria and is the only valid domain for the brand. This website was retained for reference only and will be taken down soon.

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Secure Development Process

Illusive Design applies development practices to ensure that the code and the processes that go into developing applications are as secure as possible. We categorize the architecture according to their sensitivity and secure the access control, including network access, physical access, data management and data access. Illusive Design integrates testing tools and services into the software development cycle which allows for the scanning and resolving of security issues within each release or sprint.

Our Project Management Process

For smaller projects we use a waterfall software development process as it can be effective for managing a relatively short development process. In this case, we are able to structure our review process so that you can review the designs and assure that the website matches your needs and expectations.

For larger projects we use the Agile software development processes which is based on the foundation of iterative development, sprints and user stories. With agile, work is broken down into as many independent “sprints” as possible. A “sprint” is a phase of a project that can be completed, tested and reviewed and helps assure that quality is maintained and greater confidence is provided to the client.

The process allows for more clear communication and feedback between Illusive Design project management, the client and the development team. This feedback is driven by regular tests and releases (sprints) of the evolving software. Our development plan is separated by a series of “sprints” allowing incremental delivery of the product features. At the end of each “sprint”, the new features are demonstrated or delivered to the customer and reviewed collectively with the project manager. This customer can see visible signs of progress and Agile reduces the cost of changes to the development plan.

For large and complex web and mobile application development projects we adopt a much more agile process where the emphasis lies on developing a modular architecture and development strategy where we add complexities incrementally. In these projects we start testing as early as possible and making sure everything is covered within the testing process. The key here is to have regular, predictable and measurable progress.

The key points of our development process are:

Our Team communication is structured around short meetings and use of project management tools

  • Requirements analysis and architecture design phases are detailed and thorough
  • Rigorous design and code review processes
  • SQA focused on bringing quality products to market
  • 80-20 Agile-Waterfall infrastructure

With both waterfall and agile, our process allows us to generate rapid prototypes and bring products to market more quickly. We start with a vision, budget and schedule and set the initial requirements. We look to begin development as soon as the requirements are mature enough for coding.

Throughout the project, our project managers work with the client’s product owner’s one step ahead of the developers, creating backlog tasks and defining the roadmap. The Quality assurance engineers work in parallel with the developers, focusing on quick, yet exhaustive testing. We use project management tools like JIRA, Zoho, Basecamp (based on client preferences) to maintain effective communication and keep track of progress throughout the lifetime of the project.


Illusive Design has a small team of content writers that can help you create content for your website. This content can be in text, video or in graphics. Our clients can send us any content that they have available and we will convert that content to match the needs of the web site. We spend the time required to understand your business enough to assure that you have all the content that you require to promote your business with your current and potential customers.

Information Architecture, Prototyping & Wireframing

Following an analysis of your business, we will advise you on the structure, content and design style of your website that would be most suited to your customers and your commercial aspirations. It is important to ensure that the information architecture is structured correctly. One way of confirming this is to carry out prototype and wire frame testing. The effective review and testing of prototypes and wire frames will save you money in the long run as they will help you to discover usability issues before the website goes live.

We can test prototypes at the earliest stages of development and design – you don’t have to wait until you have something that is functioning and clickable, we can test paper prototypes! Testing prototypes and wire frames is a great way to get feedback really early in the design process from users and helps to eliminate costly redesigns after the site has gone live. Prototype and wire frame testing is also a great way to test multiple designs to see which perform better and which are preferred by the users – this can even led to cherry picking the best features across different prototype designs in order to create the best possible finished product.

Quality Assurance Process

To ensure every project is delivered with impeccable quality, Illusive Design employs project managers who are trained in quality assurance. The PMs participate in every stage of the development process and employ risk management techniques proactively. Illusive Design recognizes that each business case has its own complexities and that it is important to understand your business environment at the onset of the development process. Illusive Design maintains an interactive development approach presenting and testing work in iterations and obtaining quality feedback. This includes additional requirements to ensure the impact of updates and the variable costs are managed smoothly and with the agreed costs.