Illusive Design changed its company name to Syncoria Incorporated in 2018. Its website URL is:

We DO NOT have any other brands. Syncoria Incorporated is the ONLY brand used by Syncoria and is the only valid domain for the brand. This website was retained for reference only and will be taken down soon.

If any other brand or website resembles this website please report to

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The Most Used and Best Mobile App Development Platforms

The Most Used and Best Mobile App Development Platforms The mobile application industry is among the most lucrative ones out there in 2016. With the emergence of a fiercely competitive mobile app market, Mobile App Development Platforms themselves...

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Amazing Guides to Build Your Own Mobile App

Build your own mobile apps Mobile apps are all the rage these days and a successful app can launch a business, idea or individual to the stratosphere. Don't forget, a few friends once came up with the idea of building a simple messaging app. They...

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Ten Ways an App is Inapplicable For Your Business

An app is a modern day business’s ultimate marketing weapon. This is even more so for startups. If not properly designed, an app can backfire badly. So let’s take a little stroll through the dark lanes of the corporate fallen. Littered with the...

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Building Mobile Apps, Building Company Success

There were days when people had to flock to stores for products and spend hours exploring malls. Elder generations will tell you how shopping trips were set aside only for certain days. That is why they are elder generations and those are elder...

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