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WordPress Website For Spray Painting Company


Mobile Responsive Website for Home Improvement Website – Gemstone Finishes Inc.

As a Toronto web design company, we often have the opportunity to work with a vast array of different businesses, giving them inspiring website designs thereby helping them increased their sales. Gemstone Finishes gave us the opportunity to create a presence for them online that allowed them to stand out from their competitors and convert website visitors into customers.

Web Design for a Contractor

Gemstone Finishes is a home improvement company that required a search engine optimized website that was effective on desktop and mobile platforms. The business was concerned with how to present their brand – known for its high quality coatings for roofing, walls, floors, and more – online and how to offer a print design that would appeal to the right audience. The design that was built was industry-specific and brand-specific with a defined goal that was to provide a user with the highest quality user experience possible.

Get Results with an Optimized Contractor Website

As the experts in this space, we are a Toronto web design company that will provide a premium web experience for your company and get you on the fast track to seeing real results.

A Website that is Optimized for Desktop, Smartphones and Tablets

With Gemstone Finishes, we worked hand in hand ensuring that throughout the process that they were fully satisfied with the results of what was being put together. This is an example of what we do – offering years of expertise across a strong team, an exceptional web design solutions service, and ultimately outstanding results. As a Toronto web design company, we provide a strong service that allows you to not only compete but surpass your competitors with a mobile responsive contractor website that will ensure you are prepared to convert customers across desktops, smartphones, and tablet platforms.

The Experts in Building a Contractor Website that is Search Engine Optimized

We have built sites for many different types of contractor based companies such as this. Whether it’s a home improvement company, a kitchen renovation company in Toronto, or another form of contracting company in need, we have assisted in logo design, web design, and print design across the contracting industries. With a user-focused web design, we also work to put together a search engine optimized website that is able to be indexed by Google and other search engines, allowing prospective customers to be able to find your site. When your website is visible on the search engines, when the content on the site is quality, and when the design is user-oriented, your company will succeed online.

web design for contractors

Logo Design and Print Design in Toronto a Winning Combination

The print designs we create for Gemstone Finishes allows the company to feature their work and their reputation towards their defined audience. Having worked with not only with these high quality print designs but also in creating this mobile responsive contractor website, we assisted in presenting the visual components of the brand and with us, Gemstone Finishes saw business growth and success. Offering high quality logo design for Toronto and print design for Toronto, we know how to address a target market with striking images appropriate for your brand.