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Top tips for a General Contractor Website Design

Having an effective, user friendly and interesting website has become one of the more sought out elements for a business. Customer are constantly searching for your services online that is why having a website with attractive designs, interesting layouts, unique content and impactful graphics is important. Other important elements include setting up the html, interface designing, user experience design, and search engine optimization.

As a general contractor it is essential to have a conversion focused, professional and user friendly website. Your target market is constantly searching for your services, projects and testimonials from other customers. It is important to showcase your project portfolio and affiliations to enhance your brand image.

  • Knowing your industry: It is crucial that you conduct research about your industry and find out who is looking four your services and who you want to target. Knowing the industry is associated with understanding the product, understanding the service being provided, knowing the pricing and packaging details and other production related basics.
  • Knowing your market: The target market will influence the type of marketing channels and message you will incorporate on your website. The customer base might be broad but they can be grouped into segments and based on this the website focus on having a particular layout which will attract the most customers.
  • Technicalities: Website designing contains a lot of technical elements – for example having the right domain, HTML settings, and search engine optimization. A static website is not effective, if there is no customer engagement the chances of repeat visitors is limited. Also, if the content on your website is not educational or memorable, people will not stay on your website for as long.

  • Make it user friendly: Customers do not have the time or the patience to sit through and figure out how to work their way around a complex website. Having clear directions and an effective number of pages is essential in order to make the website more organized. Customers should be able to access information with ease and be able to pinpoint their queries at particular points in the website.
  • Conversion page: A conversion page is functional to both the customer and the suppliers of a business. Having a conversion page established as a quick communication platform is very effective. It is a page where the visitor can send their details to the firm, such as their name, contact information and other business details.
  • Imaging: The more high quality photos the more visually attractive the web site will be. Images can express details which words cannot and so for the success of any website, striking images are a must.


Things your HVAC website should do

If you’re in the HVAC business but your website doesn’t demonstrate your company’s value compared to your actual physical shop, then you are passing up incredible opportunities for exposure and new business. It’s highly likely that the average customer spends more attention when they are browsing through websites to find out about your company than they do when they are walking across stores. In 2017, customers tend to research everything online before actually calling for a quote and eventually buying your service.

To make the process of making your HVAC website better a lot simpler, we can break the essentials down into an easy list.

Be informative yet attractive

When providing information online, it’s easy to lose your aesthetics and just showcase a lot of information on a screen. It is important to make the user experience simple, and conversion focused. The example below is an effective way of combining information with attractiveness.

Wheeler’s website is very informative - from providing user friendly appointment scheduling, a simple and concise list of services, the website maintains a simplistic kind of attractiveness. This is really important as you want your customers to stay on your website for longer – enticing them to schedule an appointment. The basic idea here is to find a balance between information and design and do it in a smart way.

Reflect Your Company Image

Your company should have an identity, a unique personality that it carries. Otherwise your branding isn’t complete and we suggest you strategize your niche. For those that do have a company with a brand image - you want your website to be able to portray that, right? Of course! Your website is an integral part of your brand image.

The imagery that Mannix is using makes their value proposition very obvious; they are a reliable, trustworthy brand. The images used at the end feel warm and friendly, giving you the sense that this is a brand you would be able to trust.

The basic essentials are taken care of at the top, including having the company contact numbers very clearly presented. This is top class website creation, if you ask me.

Extend Your Brand Image

The internet is a great place to extend your brand image and Rheem Team showcase that effectively.  Their website makes a point to talk about their work with CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children). Having affiliations is very important, it shows that you are an established company which can entice your target market to contact you for a quote.

Bring Up the Latest Offers and Provide Newsletters

Your website should incorporate options that let your customers know of all the latest offers and promotions.  A newsletter section is essential so your customers can sign up and provide their e-mails to constantly part of your content distribution which can generate leads for your business.

As an HVAC company, it is very important to have an effective and user friendly website and digital strategy in order to stand out amongst your competition.

Skincare Websites: 7 Effective Content Ideas

eeThe skin care industry is rooted on the ability to touch, feel, smell, sample and experiment with products in store. The e-commerce revolution incorporated convenient delivery, easy returns, wider product selections, and unfiltered user reviews – making it a solid complement, if not a direct alternative, to the in-store experience.

Top brands, retailers, local sellers and even home-run businesses are opting for strong online presences as opposed to shelf space. The online market for skincare products continues to grow rapidly. So now, more than ever, it is imperative that a Skincare website is designed to gain traffic and convert this traffic into revenue.

7 innovative ideas for stellar Skincare website content and design from the very best in the market!

Visuals are key – Use bold images for your landing page

New consumers can have concerns before they purchase skincare and beauty products online since they’re unable to feel, smell and test the product before buying it.

It is imperative that the products are showcased effectively for consumers to be satisfied with just looking at the products. Photos of just the packaging might not be enough, photos showcasing the texture of these products before/after application can go a long way.  Also, celebeity endorsements can go a long way to build brand awareness and prestige.

Additionally, skincare website should be establishing the look and feel of the brand or blog – preferably with a landing page with large, bold images. Elaborate lists of products along with prices on the homepage, right from the get go, can look very unappealing to the concerned target group.

Play with your Visuals – plain photos are boring

It is effective to experiment with the settings for your photos, or play with illustrations on your images. Anything is better than plain photos when it comes to online engagement – especially with skin care and beauty products.

Highlight your best reviews

Online reviews is crucial for online businesses. It is important to have your clients write reviews about your business and to manage your online reputation.  Nothing can convert customers or push them away more than well written reviews from other users.

Good reviews are an asset that can go a long way in increasing your site traffic and brand awareness.  Therefore, it is important that you showcase them effectively.  Quoting reviews from renowned users for specific products as ‘headlines’ is a very innovative and a way to grab attention.

Beauty Pie, a popular beauty and skincare retailer, are known for their innovative approach to highlighting their best reviews for featured products.

Develop a Theme or Filter for your Visuals

It is important the theme of your website, and high quality model photos are consistent. It is also important that the pictures you upload (of products, models) are cohesive in their composition and editing. This goes a long way in portraying a distinctive look and feel to your site and product.

For instance, if you’re running a Skincare blog that specializes in reviews, make sure you use original pictures of the products, and maintain a particular style of setting for all the pictures. An alternative can be to add a specific overlay/filter to all pictures to mark them as exclusive to the blog.

For instance, Get the Gloss, another popular Beauty and Wellness blog, sticks to a very specific color scheme for their photos – bright colors that pop on stark white backgrounds.

Include interactive tools on your website

Skin problems are one of the main headaches that women all over the world face. Most people don’t understand the root problem of their skin problems - consequently opting for the wrong products. Identifying a person’s unique skin type and subsequent problems and solutions for said type is crucial to finding the right product.

It is important to help your customers out by providing an on-site interactive tool that allows them to properly identify their needs and look for suitable products. These tools can be quizzes, interactive plug INS, online skin type generators – the possibilities are endless.

The Body Shop has a very useful Skin Care Diagnostic Tool on its website that allows visitors to first determine their skin type and problems via a quiz, and then suggests the product ranges that can be beneficial for the customer.

Don’t just sell – Preach

One of the latest trends in the skincare industry is to sell complementary products in bundles.  Providing product demos can entice potential consumers to try the skin care product, if beneficial the chance of purchase is way higher. When it comes to skincare, these suggestions are even more crucial – so don’t just add in a plug in that auto generates ‘frequently bought together’ products when a customer is looking at something.

Instead, add in genuine suggestions from experiences or reviews under the product description section. Put these under catchy tags like ‘Pro tips’ – these can go a long way in building consumer trust. Alternately, keep a blog section where you suggest using products in line with home remedies and routines.

It’s not all about being pretty

Skincare products are about the results than packaging. Some consumer’s require the glitz and glam in order to purchase but it is proven that skin care products are result driven – consumers want results.

The Website Content Workbook

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For many people, the idea of putting words onto pages, especially blank ones, can feel overwhelming. Working continuously makes it seem less overwhelming, while starting and stopping can leave you feeling as if you aren’t making any progress and cause you to delay for weeks or months… and hold up the launch of your new website in the process. With that word of caution out of the way, let’s get started…

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Make the best out of your Plumbing Website

The plumbing business has adapted to the trends of having an online presence. A majority of plumbing companies have a website showcasing their services, projects and affiliations.  The main goal is to entice potential clients to contact the business via phone or e-mail form - which drives traffic and business. Your business needs to have a user friendly, and mobile friendly website if you want to draw customer’s attention. This is why today we’re going to talk about some of the best practices for plumbers.

Of course, a website about your company should include all the essentials like what kind of services you provide, project gallery, affiliations and contact information. It is important to stand out amongst your target market that is why having an engaging and unique web design and social media platform is essential. You need to be different if you want your company to get stuck in your customer’s minds. This is where presentation becomes essential.

One of the key parts of making your website’s presentation very attractive is having a Landing Page. A landing Page is not to be confused with your Home Page. The two things are quite different.

A Home Page should incorporate high quality imagery (Banner) with a navigation menu showcasing all he of pages that are incorporated inside the website. A homepage is like a large directory of your website.

For example, this homepage lists all three of their services in a very simple manner and makes it easy for the customers to understand what the company specializes in.

Below is a Landing Page for Edupath, an education service website. This page pops up when customer’s type in the website’s address and the home page does not show up until this page is removed. This page is a number of pages that are constantly sliding in a very attractive way. It’s like a slideshow so customers don’t even have to click to see all the different pages show up one by one.

Thee Landing Page immediately creates a certain level of unique engagement for Edupath and makes their website standout from their competition. This is important because when customers are browsing different companies and they are engaged there is a higher chance they will contact you for a quote.

We encourage spending time in when strategizing and developing Digital Copy for your Landing Page. A landing page can provide very useful information. When a prospect fills out the form above – you can now market them via e-mail which heightens conversion, which means more sales.

A website is important and if you want your plumbing business, or any business for that matter, to stay a head of the pack, you will have to make your website stand out.