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Developing a high quality and strategic logo is very important for a business. While many things go into building the said brand image, the element of the brand that customers see first and foremost is the logo. Logos like Apple or McDonalds’ have gone on to become synonymous with brand building. A logo tells a story about the businesses and displays the company’s niche.  A logo can leave a very strong impression on a customer’s buying decision. Building an effective logo can take a lot of strategic planning.

A guide to help you to start the strategic planning for your logo concepts

Know the Audience

Every business has a target segment, as does every marketing campaign. The key to a successful business is knowing what the psychographics and demographics of your target market is. Given the idea of what makes a ‘good’ logo is entirely subjective, it’s essential to identify the needs and likes of your customer base before designing. Extremely youthful logos might not be the right way to go if your segment consists of senior citizens. Basic age-related stereotypes aside, tastes vary based on geographic and cultural differences as well so knowing who you are serving is critical.


Iconic logos like Ford or Apple – have one thing in common; they are simple. Too much information can be confusing when you’re making a first impression. Using complex imagery that is 3D can be too complicated too, companies like Microsoft have revamped their logo to flat imagery.  A text based logo that just spells out the company’s name in a tasteful and creative way can leave a mark, as can a single icon such as Mercedes-Benz’s logo. Don’t overdo it. Clunky logos become an issue later on when you’re compressing the image to look good in small sizes too. Brevity is key.

Going with the Times

Legendary Italian football club Juventus recently changed their traditional crest based logo to a typeface centered logo. While some fans were upset at the change, market analysts knew that this was the right move. With changing time and tastes, everything is becoming simple and flat – Juventus did the right thing to evolve with the times. It’s an important idea to analyze the logos of competing business and the ongoing trends before deciding on what logo to go with.

logo design concept

Research Colours

The colours you use for your logo and brand are very important. Colour psychology is an important element to keep in mind when picking your colours. One of the main reasons that everything on Facebook is blue/white is because that colour combination is scientifically proven to be pleasing on our eyes. Imagine if your newsfeed was bright red and yellow! Accordingly, looking into different colour combinations for your logo can reinvent your brand as a whole.

Stand Out

The market today is very saturated with thousands of competitors – that is why having an effective logo and brand positioning is important. It is important to analyze what your competitors’ are doing in but you must make sure you still have a niche and unique branding. If prospective buyers are googling different companies, your logo has to be the one that talks to them and entices them to contact you for your product or service. Make sure you are different. Being unable to standout is a one way road to failure.

A logo forms the back bone of your brand, which in turn makes your business unique. Deciding the logo is a critical part of any business and cannot be underestimated. Thankfully, with the steps listed above, the job should be simple enough for you and your business.