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Entrepreneur’s MVP Tools

Are you an entrepreneur contemplating building a mobile app, yet find yourself bogged down in the development stage? Are you suffering from analysis paralysis and can’t quite get from napkin sketch to full-blown minimum viable product? Whether you’re building a standalone app or a mobile version of your company’s website, it is crucial to move from the planning stage to the development stage to uncover potential hiccups in your designs.
If you’re willing to toss aside your thinking cap and opt for some serious prototyping tools instead, there are a number of helpful resources you can consider. Review the following roundup of tools to see which ones will help clarify your vision as you prepare to launch your application:


Marvel is a must-have tool for entrepreneurs with a vision. Create numerous prototypes including iOS, Android, and Apple Watch apps. Sync your data with Dropbox, collaborate with your co-founders, and embed your prototypes on your WordPress blog, in a Medium post, or on your SquareSpace website.


QuickMVP lets you create a landing page for your app, conduct interviews to validate your idea, and understand the business metrics necessary to launch your application. Discover problems by interviewing potential app users, revise the product launch copy on your landing page, and review the impacts of design changes on the overall feel of your application. Before you launch an app on iTunes or on the Google Play store, you’ll definitely want to utilize QuickMVP to smooth out any potential user issues.


Proto helps entrepreneurs create interactive prototypes of mobile apps. Features include Dropbox data syncing, wireframes, mockups, animations, and multi-device testing. Collaborate with your co-founder and test interactive features on actual mobile devices to see how your creation will appear to beta testers.

These are just a few prototyping tools entrepreneurs and developers can use to take their app from idea to digital download. Prototyping helps you understand how your users will interact with your product and uncover design flow challenges. If you want excellent ratings in the app stores and plenty of downloads, it is imperative your product is as perfect as possible prior to launch. How many of the above listed app prototyping tools will you be using?