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Jewelry is all about the bling. So, websites featuring jewelry products should also have that extra oomph.

Each brand’s jewelry have some sort of differentiation and firms need to establish that USP. Here are some top tips which must be kept in mind while creating your website for a jewelry brand:


Every jewelry brand caters to a different target audience. For example, Tiffany & Co is the market leader when it comes to engagement rings while ASOS is the go-to brand for those who want statement neckpieces.

This means that every jewelry brand has different positioning techniques and needs to be branded. Every jewelry website must clearly establish this brand identity and carry the theme of the brand across all its sections.


Photo and videography is a sector that has seen a major portion of the recent technological revolution. Everyone takes high-quality, stunning photos today. So, for a jewelry website to have images that truly catch consumers’ attention, photographers must maintain some sort of constant theme.

For example, the photographs of a particular collection must all be taken against the same background so consumers can make comparisons. The images should also be captured from all angles to give the customer a 3D view of the product. As online shopping is already full of uncertainty, with customers constantly second-guessing before ordering, having clear, solid images is important.



As jewelry are consumer durable goods and will be worn through a long period of time, it also demands that customers invest a certain amount of time and money into it. When consumers invest higher resources on a product, they are more likely to seek concrete information in order to evaluate their purchase. In this case, a proper jewelry site must have all details about its products extensively listed, such as size, shape, color, price, etc.


Certain times of the year see spikes in jewelry demands and during these seasons, the websites must concentrate on promotions. During particular festivals, the demand for jewelry will go up and producers will come up with exciting offers to attract the growing demand towards their brand. So, websites can be revamped to match the particular occasions, making the shopping experience much more fun.


Most customers spend a lot of time on social media; so, linking the website to social media sites can acquire new customers as well as keep old customers involved. Social media websites experience a lot of traffic and this could help the company gain traction among its target group.


As all firms now have websites, a successful and out-of-the-box website might include never before seen features. Making the shipping process fun and interactive will ensure that customers have a positive attitude towards the brand and are likely visit again.

Creativity in the selling process online is key to attracting customers. For example, a website can have human figures where customers can place the desired jewelry and examine how it looks with different colors of clothing.

Every website needs something extra and in case of jewelry websites, it is to capture the essence of the brand throughout the website.