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You are only as good as people think you are. Without generating a positive image of your company in the minds of people, you simply won’t sell. This process begins from the moment people first hear or see your work. Usually you have to capture their attention during this initial exposure so as to turn them into potential customers. And what is it the first thing people see when they come across your company? Bingo, it’s the logo. Far more than a mere poster stamp, a logo plays parts in being the initial attractant that draws customers. Furthermore, it also serves as a measure of your company’s class and sophistication. Thus if you want to make your business reach the heights that you envision, you have to get an appropriate logo! Moreover, in this regard, business culture has reached a bit of a turning point. New advents, technology and tastes mean old logo designs are often no longer up to the mark. Thus in true survival of the fittest fashion, your logo is perhaps also in need of evolving. So good folks of the business world, here we will be picking apart and pulling out just why, your company needs a new logo.

So why a new logo?

A logo is such a key component of your branding that significant new-logo-creationresearch must go into it. You need to know exactly what the market needs and how to design a logo which will not only be a sound representation of your offerings but also stand out from the sea of competitors. Do keep in mind that savvy customers have experienced a huge shift in their taste in terms of what they want to see in their purchased products. As a result smart companies are rushing to meet these altered tastes without missing a beat! A classic example is the range of beauty products that are shifting from pure looks enhancement offering to science and health offering. A change in market dynamics asks changes in branding image. The best place to start implementing this, is with your logo which performs a number of key functions. It helps you stand out, build familiarity and establish trust. So if you want to achieve and maintain all of these, a new logo maybe the place to start.


Logo meaning is another important factor

A logo or logotype is your public image. In other words, it is essential that your logo exudes the right kind of vibes. Logo meanings are often important in this regard. Some of the most famous logos in the world have rather intriguing background stories. These range from a message relevant to the product to simply an interesting reference. Your logo should be no different. For this purpose you can use images that bear significance to your market. You can go for something which relates to your product. Or perhaps even utilize images already existing in folk lore. Nike is a good example here with their Greek Goddess inspired symbol. What is important in this regard is that people connect your logo to your product. It must help them easily recognize your company’s work through the logo alone. That is what makes a bitten apple special. And that is what your logo must achieve as well.

The Need for colors

This is where we get all scientific. Colors are perhaps the most crucial part of your logo. Its psychological implications are enormous. People’s minds are drawn towards certain patterns of colors and not others. Thus if you want your logo to be an efficient net that captures the attention of customers, then your colors need to click! Web design specialists WebPageFX did an in depth research program into the science of logo colors. Importantly they found 85% of customers attesting that color is the major factor that compels them to buy. With regards to the specific impact of colors, they found numerous interesting relations. Red is proven as useful for restaurants, in triggering appetite. They also concluded yellow as attracting the interest of casual customers. And blue as breeding a sense of safety and security. It is vital that you do your research and if needed enlist specialist help. Your logo must match your product and business type for you to succeed.

The need for inputs and critics

No one’s perfect. Neither is anyone’s work. And this most certainly applies to you and your company. So it is important that while expressing your creative freedom, you don’t get carried away. Designing a logo is highly skilled work and there will certainly be people who know more about it than you. When starting out on research and subsequent creation, seek advice. There are companies now devoted to helping clients with branding and advertising. Even if you don’t outright give over the work to one of these companies, seek out specialist advice. There are forums and platforms where you can ask skilled people to rate your work. Do so for the initial designs and fine tune your final product according to it. The added expertise will only add to the quality and effectiveness of your logo.

Getting professional help

We’ve already talked about why there is a need for professional support. So what does a professional firm or individual bring to the table? Well first and foremost, the quality of work. Try as you may, these guys are pros for a reason and chances are you won’t do it better than them. And when it comes to this, there can’t be a compromise on quality. Secondly, and this where professionals really come in handy, they know what logos can be hot and what will simply be not. Thanks to their experience, these guys understand which logos suit which business. They will know the intricacies of catching people’s attention just the way you need. And they will know how to translate it into your final logo. In recent times, this is further facilitated by the ease of availability of professional help. A plethora of internet platforms exist that connects companies to would-be logo designers. The genesis of freelancing platforms has further augmented this supply demand relation. Sure enough, this path will make you pay. But with the success of your company so critically dependent on your logo, it is worth a shot.

It is hard to imagine our lives without that bitten apple or rainbow peacock and many such other iconic symbols. All major industry powerhouses are partially defined by their logos. If you are starting your business or already have one, the same applies to you. This is what establishes your customer’s familiarity with your product often through a relevant story. It is also what builds trust. And perhaps most importantly, it helps you stand out from the rest. Hence it is imperative that your logo displays the highest possible quality and modernization. The latter means it may well be the time to rethink what the face of your company looks like. A new logo is perhaps that shot in the arm your company has been waiting for.

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